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6 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Efforts in 2019

staffing---magnifying-glass-with-silhouetteWhen looking for that next great future employee, you want to make sure your process is refined. When you cast a wider net, you’re guaranteed a few more fish being caught, but is that always the best? Some of those candidates you end up meeting may have some good factors but in the end, don’t make for a good fit. So, how can you guarantee a better pool from which to pick? Below are six tips on how to refine your recruitment efforts in 2019 to make finding that great candidate much easier. 


1. Clear and Straightforward Language

keep-it-simpleWhen writing the description for your job opening, you want to remain clear and precise. Provide examples of what your previous employee accomplished on the job to give an idea of what is expected for any new hires. This helps your potential candidates  provide explicit examples of how they would meet these hypothetical tasks, and gives you the opportunity to judge if they’re up to the job or not in a more refined way. 

While you’re at it, use a clear job title that accurately describes the role.When using a fluffed up title, you’re likely to get fluffed up resumes in response, and that is not what you’re looking for. Also, use more inclusive language, like “you” instead of “the ideal candidate,” so that you are speaking directly to the person reading your job posting. 

Tip: Stay precise and brief. Don’t come across as either too informal or too formal. You want your candidate to feel welcome to apply so that you can get the best possible group of applicants to search through. 


2. Pipelines

pipelineIn order to recruit better, it often helps to get started before you really need a new hire, which may be difficult if you aren’t sure how. Consider what job or role at your business may need a pool of potential clients built out if that position ever becomes vacant. These can be positions that were initially difficult to fill, so if you prepare before you actually need to fill the position, you are saving yourself time in that future recruiting process. Maybe it’s a role you had a difficult time filling in the first place, or it’s a more niche role. Regardless, focus is important in every aspect of recruitment. 

One way to get a potential candidate pipeline started is to speak to past employees to get the perspective of someone who had the role previously or a role that worked closely with it. They will have an idea of who would be a good fit and who could even improve on the role in necessary aspects.

Tip: Try to make talent pipelines for roles that you may need help filling before you have to fill them. This gives you more time to review the candidates you come across, plus it allows you to be better prepared when you need to actually fill the role. 


3. Events: To Host or Attend?

red-carpetIndustry events are a great way to meet people. Getting them to reach out to you afterward, though, is just as important. If you see an event that relates to your business or the role you want to hire for, attend it. Try to make relationships without being overt in the fact that you’re looking for new hires. You don’t want to scare off applicants, but you do want to seem open and friendly as well as knowledgeable. If you want your applicant to be active in their role, showing them that you are too is a great way to make that first and lasting impression. 

Hosting events is similar in that you don’t want their focus to be all about your need to fill a role, but you shouldn’t forget that either. You can build an engaging event around the need to recruit so that your potential candidates don’t feel pressured but rather want to apply because of how interesting your company is to them. 

Tip: Events are very important in the recruitment effort, but try to build a strategy that is not just about recruiting. A good balance is always helpful. 


4. Use Social Media in the Search

social-mediaUsing social media to help your business is not the newest strategy in the book, but when it comes to recruitment it is often overlooked. Try starting with LinkedIn. Executive recruiters from TruPath, favor LinkedIn because it “allows for very efficient interactions with a personal touch.” 

There are a few ways you can utilize social media and make it work for you when recruiting. One is by conducting the same types of searches that a potential candidate might when looking for your open position. This lets you see what they’re saying and looking for and gives you a better idea of how to get them to apply to your open position.These searches don’t have to be specifically looking for a new job. You could search topics you would think your potential candidate has an interest in and go from there. For example, if there is an industry vertical your company is interested in or new to you could look for those who are active in conversations about that industry. All around, it is some helpful research. 

Tip: Use social media to follow what the focus is for your potential candidates. This helps you find applicants that are active in the environment for which they work and thus promise good things for you if you can get them to apply. 


5. Standardize Your Recruitment Criteria 

standardizedWhen you do get those candidates you want to review, consistency is important. As the saying goes, without consistent review, it would be like comparing apples to oranges. For your candidates, make sure you have an idea what you’re looking for in the first place. This is where a well-defined job description comes in handy. If you can use that, see if they meet your rubric of needs and where they could use improvement or where they could even learn on the job. This helps you narrow down your applicants to potential hires that are worth a second look, as well as making sure you don’t spend too much time investing in a candidate who ends up not working. 

Tip: Consistency is important. Have a standardized way of reviewing candidates so that you can easily compare the results. 


6. Background Screening

checkboxThe last and most important aspect of your recruitment efforts should be employment background screening. Depending on your company, you may want to run your prospects through a drug test, a credit check, or even a criminal record investigation. This final step should be a high priority for the safety, success, and longevity of your company.

Tip: Background checks ensure that you are being efficient and safe when it comes to hiring.


Start Recruiting Better

These are only some of the tips that can help improve your recruitment efforts in 2019. The overlying theme here tends to be focus. It hurts you and your candidate if you go into a recruitment effort without knowing what you’re looking for. Your candidate isn’t sure what to show you and may leave out information that would have benefited them. On your end, you won’t know what to look for in their credentials and may end up comparing candidates in unfair ways. To make sure you get the new hire you need, keep your focus on these important aspects.

Taline Schmidt

Taline Schmidt

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