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Cynthia Woods

Cynthia Woods

Webinar: Advantages of an Electronic Form I-9 E-Verify Database. Are you at risk? Recording

All employers in the U.S. are required to have a Form I-9 on file for every employee hired. Errors are common on traditional paper form I-9 documents, which could expose your company to heavy fines when audited. Employers can reduce the risk of...

Transitioning to a New “Normal” …Why Demand for Workplace COVID-19 Testing is Likely to Remain Strong for the Foreseeable Future

In recent weeks, much of the news coverage has been focused on COVID-19 vaccinationsOn March 1, 2021, Johnson and Johnson began the distribution of their one-dose COVID-19 vaccine. It is the third vaccine developed to protect against the deadly 

Webinar: Global Screening Mysteries: Answers to Common Questions About Global Screening Recording

As companies expand their search for top talent throughout the world and open new business sites outside of the United States, global recruitment and hiring continues to increase as a top challenge for Human Resource professionals. With U.S....

Temporary Policy Changes to Form I-9 & E-Verify Due to COVID-19 Webinar


Due to the COVID-19 epidemic many employers needed to transition to a remote workforce. Beginning in March 2020, USCIS and ICE announced several temporary policy changes to Form I-9 and E-Verify in the wake of COVID-19 stay at home orders and...

2020 Year-End Compliance Review Webinar

2020 has left a lasting affect on the United States, and the world. In one short year, we encountered a global pandemic, civil unrest, protests for equality and justice, and a change in political party control. These impacts have had a ripple...

Webinar: International Screening 101 Webinar Recap & recording

Global background screening has become an increasing challenge for many Human Resource professionals as they strive to recruit top talent both here in the United States and in locations around the globe. AccuSource recently hosted a webinar...

Navigating Employment Background Screening in the Wake of COVID-19 Shutdowns and Restrictions

For many of us, March 13, 2020 will become one of those pivotal dates in history we will always remember. While most of us were aware of the COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus) outbreak in China and other parts of Southeast Asia and the fact cases were...

A Hiring Horror Story: Robbie Romance

Once upon a time, a well-educated, dynamic HR Manager had a customer service department supervisor position to fill. The previous supervisor departed with little notice, leaving the HR Manager under significant pressure to find a suitable...

2018: Trends in Background Screening

Top background screening industry trends to watch in 2018 and beyond

New Development in Salary History Bans

Federal Judge Rules Portion of Philadelphia Salary History Ban Violates Constitutionally-Protected Free Speech

Credit Bureaus Remove Tax Lien Data from Consumer Credit Reports

TransUnion announces additional changes regarding collection and reporting of public record information

On July 1, 2017, TransUnion, Equifax and Experian adopted increased restrictions in their public records collection practices, requiring each...

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