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Industry & Compliance Expert Beth Axelrod joins the AccuSource Team

CORONA, CALIF. (November 14, 2017) – AccuSource, Inc. – one of California's most trusted and respected employment screening firms – today announced the appointment of Beth Axelrod as the company’s Vice President of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs. With more than 15 years of compliance experience across some of the country’s largest consumer reporting agencies, Axelrod’s knowledge, expertise and strong connections will enable AccuSource to continue keeping employers and workplaces safe without subjecting them to litigious risks.

“Since our inception, regulatory compliance has been at the forefront of our work,” CEO Lisa Holder said. “Now, with Beth’s expertise and experience, we’ll continue to be compliance advocates and subject matter experts – at a very high level – for the clients and communities we serve.”

With the employment screening industry under constant legal and legislative scrutiny, AccuSource aims to continue to grow its team and reputation. Axelrod’s appointment is in alignment with this goal, as she specializes in regulatory compliance in the fields of information technology, consumer reporting, privacy legislation/advocacy, employment law and hiring practices – key areas of concern in the industry. Additionally, Axelrod holds a B.A. from the University of California-Berkeley and is a longtime member of several professional, industry organizations.

As Vice President of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Axelrod will provide subject matter expertise and support to current and prospective clients. She will also be responsible for regularly monitoring changes to the regulatory and legal landscape to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws, regulations and mandates.

AccuSource is excited to welcome Beth Axelrod to our team and looks forward to maintaining our position as one of the industry’s most forward-thinking employment screening firms specializing in compliance.

For more information about AccuSource’s solutions, compliance or Beth Axelrod’s appointment, please contact AccuSource today or reach by phone at 888-649-6272.


AccuSource, Inc.

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