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Infographic: The Pros & Cons of Popular Drug Screening Methods


Which drug testing method is right for your organization?


pros-and-cons-of-common-drug-screening-methods-infographic-thumbnailFar from being a "one-size-fits-all" type of problem, substance abuse screening for employers can be a varied and complicated landscape to navigate. There are a number of different methods to choose from and each offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Deciding on which method to use depends on a variety of factors including: a company’s level of risk tolerance, desired detection length, federal regulations, costs, and the type of testing required – (random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, pre-employment, or return-to-duty screening).

As a trusted partner in the pre-employment background screening industry, one of the main services that AccuSource offers is drug and alcohol screening. We have created a helpful infographic to help you compare and contrast the most popular methods available while you consider which option works best for your organization's needs and goals. Click here to download this useful resource.


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Luke Runnells

Luke Runnells

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