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How Outsourcing Employment Verifications & Education Verifications Protects the Integrity of Background Checks

outsourcing-employment-verificationsWhen developing background screening programs, many employers and hiring managers first assess their organization’s needs. They typically create a list of necessary background check components, and look for a vendor like AccuSource to meet their requirements.

Sometimes, however, when planning for these background investigations, employers may pinpoint one or two services they believe can be performed in-house to cut costs. 

The services falling into this category most often are employment verifications and education verifications – with both of which seeming far less complex and risky than they are in actuality. The truth of the matter is although employers can perform employment verifications and education verifications in-house, they should not. Doing so may save a small amount of money upfront, but will likely cost the organization much more in money, time and resources in the long-run. Employers benefit immensely from partnering with trusted, accredited and insured firms like AccuSource for their employment verifications and education verifications. With us on their side, employers can avoid the following:

  • Technological Abuse: Most candidates and employees have access to more technology than ever before. As a result, candidates are savvier and have the ability to manipulate information, documents, etc. to their benefit with the click of a mouse – leading us to our next point;
  • Document Creation & Manipulation: It is now possible for candidates to duplicate and replicate practically anything on the internet including diplomas, transcripts, certificates and licenses. In fact, some companies even sell templates for fraudulent and falsified documents; making it easier than ever for candidates to cite education/credentials they have not actually achieved. Currently, education is the most commonly falsified component found on applications. And, unfortunately for HR professionals who cannot make contact with an institution, or have never been to the obscure region in which the applicant’s supposed college is located, this poses significant challenges.
  • Employer Falsification: In a matter of seconds, an applicant can create a fake company or conduct research on any company in the world and provide their information. They can also create a phone number, realistic-sounding answering line, website, business cards, etc. for the company. Essentially, an applicant has the resources available to falsify their work experience, and busy Human Resources professionals may never know, or have the time to figure it out.

But how does outsourcing employment verifications and education verifications prevent fraudulent activity like those listed above, and how will employers benefit? By partnering with a trusted firm like AccuSource, employers benefit from the following:

  • Long-Standing Relationships: As a result of working with numerous institutions and employers throughout the years, AccuSource maintains an up-to-date database with contact information, company information, etc. We leverage our long-standing relationships with key personnel to ensure we are able to verify information.
  • Advanced Technology: As an insured and accredited business, AccuSource has access to superior technology; making fraud nearly impossible. Additionally, AccuSource maintains the highest levels of encryption; making it insanely difficult for data to be stolen or compromised.
  • Insurance & Legal Support: In the rare event that things go awry, AccuSource is backed by various types of insurance, and legal counsel specializing in employment screening. By performing verifications on their own, employers may be required to invest significant amounts of money in these two areas; placing a financial burden on their organization.
  • Trained Professionals: When it comes to education and employment verifications, our team has seen it all. They are trained to spot fraudulent activity, and understand the many tricks of the trade. Our specialists go the extra mile to conduct additional research when necessary and ensure the information we provide is accurate.
  • Exclusive Access to Readily Available Resources: As a background screening company, we have access to platforms and resources that are not typically made available to employers; therefore, we can access more information with far less effort.

To ensure they are making decisions based on the most accurate and up-to-date information, employers should consult a trusted background screening firm like AccuSource for employment verifications and education verifications. For more information on background screening and verification services, and/or guidance for establishing compliant employment screening programs, contact AccuSource today or reach us by phone at 888-649-6272.


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