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2019 Employment Law Compliance Trends

The background and drug screening industry is an ever-changing landscape. While there are various topics and issues that arise regarding these types of screenings, these specific trends in the industry require an especially close review.

Employment Law Compliance Trends: 2018 Year in Review

As the weather gets colder, 2018 is drawing to a close and 2019 is days away. The compliance world was busy this past year. AccuSource discussed 2018’s biggest compliance topics in its annual webinar, but here is a summary of those items in case...

Pending Delaware Legislation May Allow Minor Drug Offenses to be Sealed

Delaware has proposed legislation that can provide a clean slate for those with certain types of misdemeanor offenses. Referred to as the “Clean Slate Act,” the legislation would allow the automatic sealing of records for non-violent federal...

2018: Trends in Background Screening

Top background screening industry trends to watch in 2018 and beyond

Fair Pay Legislation Sweeping U.S. Jurisdictions in 2017

Like Ban-the-Box initiatives in cities and states throughout the country, fair pay legislation and subsequent salary history bans are sweeping the nation. In a recent blog Philadelphia Clarifies Ordinance Banning Salary History Questions, we...

It’s Official – California Soon To Be A Ban The Box State

A few months back, AccuSource published an article about the many states and jurisdictions throughout the United States implementing Fair Chance/Ban the Box laws. The Ban the Box movement, which has gained a significant amount of momentum over...

Jurisdictions Across the U.S. Implement Fair Chance Regulations

For many years, organizations and lawmakers across the country have dedicated their efforts to leveling the playing field and increasing access to job opportunities for individuals with criminal records. Like other initiatives gaining traction...

Now In Effect: NYC’s Expanded Ban The Box Law

In 2015, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the city’s first Fair Chance Act (FCA) into effect. On the day of its signing, de Blasio said:

“Today, we ‘ban the box’ in New York City. This bill opens the door to jobs for New Yorkers who have already...

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