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Webinar Recording: AccuSource's Year-End Compliance Review

2021 has seen changes in the background screening industry that have greatly impacted the screening programs of employers. From the identifier redactions occurring in California and Michigan to new ban the box laws, employers may face new issues in...

Webinar: Is This Record Yours? Identifier Redaction and its Impact on Background Screening

Privacy concerns have been sweeping across the globe and the United States is not immune to its impact. It is not surprising that numerous states have introduced legislation to protect the privacy and data of its residents. However, it is unexpected...

Webinar: AccuSource's 2021 Mid-Year Compliance Update

2021: the one where everything starts to reopen. As the country returns to a more normal state, lawmakers have been busy with changes that will impact the background screening industry and our clients. Marijuana remains an important topic with...

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