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Michigan DOB Redaction: AccuSource Registers for Access

We have previously written about Michigan’s amendments to Rule 1.109 of the Michigan Court Rules. As a refresher, the amended rule as originally proposed would have required court clerks throughout Michigan to redact personal identifying...

Victory! Michigan Identifier Redaction Rule Amended

During the last six months, AccuSource has provided updates on our industry’s concerns with ADM File No. 2017-28, which amended Rule 1.109 of the Michigan Court Rules. The updated Rule as originally written would have required court clerks across...

Important Notice: Michigan Date of Birth Redaction

Michigan has updated Rule 1.109 and Rule 8.119, creating a new identifier redaction policy that will go into effect on July 1, 2021. Under the proposed rules, an individual’s date of birth will be removed from court records before they are provided...

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