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New Year, More New York City Employment Laws

2022: a bright, new year full of promise…and another law in New York City that impacts employers. This time, the Big Apple is seeking greater pay transparency for salary ranges in order to reduce the chance for discrimination. In December 2021, Int.

Philadelphia Employers: Puff, Puff Pass[ed Drug Test]

In the year of marijuana blog posts, we will close out 2021 with another marijuana update. We have discussed during recent webinars that the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is chasing after other jurisdictions who have banned pre-employment...

Having Pre-(Adverse) Action Pains as Illinois Passes SB 1480? AccuSource Can Help!

Illinois recently joined the growing list of jurisdictions that have specific requirements for employers that take adverse action against applicants and employees. Not only do employers have obligations under the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act...

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