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New Year, More New York City Employment Laws

2022: a bright, new year full of promise…and another law in New York City that impacts employers. This time, the Big Apple is seeking greater pay transparency for salary ranges in order to reduce the chance for discrimination. In December 2021, Int.

House Eyes Salary History Ban at Federal Level

The Federal government is once again looking to level the field when it comes to salaries and differing compensation levels due to gender. The U.S. House of Representatives Democrats recently introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act (H.R. 7). Like other...

Employment Law Compliance Trends: 2018 Year in Review

As the weather gets colder, 2018 is drawing to a close and 2019 is days away. The compliance world was busy this past year. AccuSource discussed 2018’s biggest compliance topics in its annual webinar, but here is a summary of those items in case you...

New Development in Salary History Bans

Federal Judge Rules Portion of Philadelphia Salary History Ban Violates Constitutionally-Protected Free Speech

Salary History Cannot Justify Gender Pay Gap

Previous Ruling By 9th Circuit Court Overturned in Rizo v Yovino Case, Prohibits Employers from Using Past Salary to Set Wages


Bucking Trends, Michigan Passes Bill Banning Salary History Bans

Gov. Rick Snyder signs a bill forbidding localities from adopting salary history bans on March 26

As many states and municipalities across the nation are moving to prevent employers from asking questions regarding a candidate’s salary history in...

Updating Hiring Practices in Light of Salary History Bans

In effort to close gender pay gaps, state and local legislatures prohibit employers from inquiring about past pay history

Women continue to earn approximately eighty cents to each dollar earned by their male counterparts in the same or similar...

Philadelphia Clarifies Ordinance Banning Salary History Questions

In January, Philadelphia Mayor, Jim Kenney, signed the Philadelphia Wage Equity Ordinance, which was scheduled to go into effect in May of this year. However, shortly after its signing, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia questioned the...

Salary History in New York City Hiring Processes? Forget About It.

Over the past few years, the use of salary history in the hiring process has become quite a hot-button issue. Some argue that it is an employer’s right to ask for salary history, whereas others argue that it perpetuates cycles of pay inequity in...

San Francisco Bans the Use of Salary History in the Hiring Process

Pay inequity has been a hot-button issue in the United States for many years; with women and minorities historically earning significantly less than their non-minority, male counterparts. Now, in 2017, the topic continues to grow in popularity, but...

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