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Employment Law Compliance Trends: 2018 Year in Review

As the weather gets colder, 2018 is drawing to a close and 2019 is days away. The compliance world was busy this past year. AccuSource discussed 2018’s biggest compliance topics in its annual webinar, but here is a summary of those items in case...

AccuSource Year-End Compliance Update


In 2017, there were many changes in the employment screening landscape, impacting hiring processes.  Projections for 2018 indicate next year will be equally challenging for human resources professionals tasked with ensuring their companies...

The Evolution of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

It’s 2017, yet many employers have not reviewed their drug-free workplace documents since the mid-2000s, if they have a document to convey to their employees their position on substance abuse in the workplace. It has been a busy 10 years and a...

Beyond the MVR: Making the Most of the Driver Lifecycle

It is widely known in the risk management field motor vehicle reports (MVRs), which detail a driver’s past performance, provide a useful means of predicting future driving performance. Knowing the on-and-off-duty driving habits and records of your...

Advantages of An Electronic I-9/E-Verify Database – Are You At Risk?

All employers in the U.S. are required to have a Form I-9 on file for every employee hired. Errors are common on traditional paper form I-9 documents, which could expose your company to heavy fines when audited. Employers can reduce the risk of...

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